Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Charles Littleleaf Native American

Long ago in Indian history, there came a tornado which picked up a great herd of Buffalo. Some Indian men witnessed all of this from the top of a hill. They said the Buffalo were flying in the air like birds.

As the tornado came toward them, they dismounted from their horses and offered a pipe ceremony toward the sky. Their prayers were heard and the tornado abruptly changed its direction, leaving them in awe of what they had just witnessed.

This country has always had its share of natural weather phenomena, and we have no other alternative but to try and survive, accepting all that is upon us. We do not consider these things to be a disaster but a great part of nature.

When storms subside, we find ourselves to be stronger and more appreciative that some of us are spared. We give thanks to our Creator for bringing us a new day with life and a new sun.

May our tears of today be dried with the gentle winds of tomorrow.


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