Monday, December 16, 2013

Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash , Woman Warrior

I have little patience for misogyny and the paternalistic marginalization of our missing and murdered women. I don't care who you know, what media house you work for, whose ass you are kissing or what club you belong to, it is wrong and I will go to my grave fighting and exposing the liars and appropriators of our women alone if I have to. Our women deserve better. If you are wondering WHY I have to continue to go on about my mothers execution in the spirit of other missing and murdered women at nauseam, be comforted it is NOT because it is some hysterical pain ridden narcissistic need to get attention but sadly because that marginalization and SILENCE to THIS DAY continues. Yeah it's not cool to call out our own in our own backyards, its pretty shitty and it doesn't win you any popularity contests. Those who murdered my mother with in AIM lied , they conspired, they reinvented themselves and now ride the coattails of movements like INM and clubs like LRI. Their children now carry their lies and continue the misinformation campaign using familial connections and professional choices as their fodder for argument? WTF? Seriously ? How the hell does ones adult choice of profession ( 15 years after an unsolved murder) or ones relation to that person affect the validity of the injustice of the vicious kidnapping, interrogation, rape and murder of another human being? For 28 years the AIM leadership misinformed and lied to ndn country uncontested, now the truth has been exposed and fingers will be pointed to blame others for their choices, and a cry for unity and " understanding of the era" will be their song . Well unfortunately what they did to my mother , Perry Ray Robinson, and at least 6 other human beings is UNEXCUSABLE and the crabs in the bucket will have to accept that I WILL contest it loudly and publically. Annie Mae was one of those missing and murdered women. I DO NOT UNITE with Murderers. Responsibility needs to be taken and I hold current AIM and LPDC members sympathizing with my mothers murderers responsible for addressing their leaderships in this matter. Currently AIM inc. and LPDC publically support the murderer of Annie Mae.
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