Monday, December 16, 2013

Native Citizen News Network, December 14, 2011 posted on fb 16 dec 2013

38 years ago this week our mother suffered horribly at the hands of several aim woman and men as they kidnapped, interrogated, beat, raped, and murdered her on false accusations of being an informant. For decades they lied and said it was the FBI who murdered her. Leonard Peltier bragged to Annie Mae about shooting one of the FBI agents while he begged for his life. Leonard shoved a gun in her mouth during several interrogations preceeding her murder, yet says he knows nothing about her murder, meanwhile he is supporting the man charged and convicted of her murder. When questioned publically about information regarding the murder of Annie Mae, Clyde Bellecourt, who claims ownership to AIM, claims he nor his brother Vernon knew anything about the murder of Annie Mae, yet he supports the man charged and convicted of murdering Annie Mae. Russel Means says he knows who ordered the execution of Annie Mae but says he can not devulge that information because of a sacred oath he took to protect that person as long as they were living.The truth has been exposed and is now unraveling into the deepest corners and recesses of NDN country, if I were in anyway associated to any of these folks I would beware of being blindsided by more truth as some have decided that continuing the lie, and being associated with women killers is just not worth it.

The Spirit of Annie Mae - Tribute -
 — with Denise Pictou Maloney.

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