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2014 / 20 OCTOBER Why Marijuana Was Made Illegal In The First Place

2014 / 20 OCTOBER

Why Marijuana Was Made Illegal In The First Place

why marijuana is illegal

Hemp Illegal because of Marijuana? No, Marijuana Illegal because of Hemp!
Most people in the mainstream never really mention hemp. That’s because hemp can’t make you high and thus mainstream media focuses on “Marijuana”. In turn, people tend to think that Hemp is illegal as a byproduct of “Marijuana prohibition” however, the truth is that if you look at history for a second you’ll realize it’s the other way around!

Why Marijuana Was Made Illegal in the First Place

Back in 1937 when cannabis was first made “Illegal” people referred to it as “Hemp” or Cannabis. People didn’t know the term “Marijuana” save for a few power hungry tycoons and of course the Mexicans, who used cannabis for enduring hard labor and relaxation at the end of the day.
Why the message of “marijuana intoxication” was plastered on newspapers and films, the real motives actually comes down to the DuPont’s and their ilk securing the patents for petrochemicals. Turns out Hemp made better plastics than petroleum ever could, and it’s biodegradable.
The newspapers who were publishing these rancid stories were owned by Randolph Hearst, whose timber industry was at risk from losing massive profits since Hemp produced four times the amount of pulp than trees do for the same space. That, and that all his lumberyards in Mexico were being attacked by Pancho Villa and his band of outlaws. Now you can see where the term “Marijuana” came from and why it was given such a negative connotation.
The DuPont’s, the Hearst’s and eventually Mr. Anslinger conspired together to pave the way for Marijuana prohibition not because of the “health impact on society” but rather the financial impact on the pockets of the super wealthy!

What we are missing with Hemp

With Hemp out of the picture, the petrochemical and lumber industry thrived. However, what else did we lose besides those two industries. As it turns out that Hemp can actually make well over 25,000 unique products and some estimate as high as 40,000. Not only does hemp make paper and plastic, but it also can make medicine, food, housing, clothing, animal feed and much more.
What humanity lost the day that hemp was made illegal and the subsequent impact of prohibition on nature has been devastating. A greater schism between the wealthy and the poor occurred because alternative means were prohibited under the guise of marijuana!

The turning of the tide

Nowadays we are seeing the return of marijuana and hemp and with this; we’ll see a revolution like never before. From superior medicine to superior building materials and biodegradable consumables, hemp and marijuana will invoke a new future for us all!
We must never forget the history of cannabis prohibition, the motivations of greedy men for the sake of future generations. Prohibition has kept the rich wealthy and the poor even poorer. It’s time we take a stand against this tyrannical monopoly and change these oppressive laws once and for all. I think this is the generation where it all changes!

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