Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Weight a Horse

Tip of the Week Wednesday. Did you know you can estimate the ideal bodyweight of your horse using an equation recently developed by University of Minnesota researchers? Ideal bodyweight (lbs) = (body length (in) x 15.56) + (height (in) x 23.47) – 1,344 (for Arabians), 1,269 (stock horses) or 1,333 (ponies). The image demonstrates how to properly measure body length (D) and height (A). Researchers are currently developing similar equations for warmbloods and draft horses. If math is not “your thing”, you can purchase the Healthy Horse App and it will do the calculations for you. The app is available for both Apple ( and Android ( operating systems. The app will also calculate estimated bodyweight and a bodyweight score (similar to BMI in human). The app retails for $1.99 and proceeds help support equine research efforts at the University of Minnesota.

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