Friday, November 28, 2014

Cheyenne on ration day.

Reservations have been made out to be something good to Americans. They think that Native Americans were given something. Reservations were orginally no more than Prison Camps. Their guns were taken and many times their knifes were also taken away. They were not allow to leave the Reservation without permission to even hunt. They had to depend totally upon the government for food and supplies. Suppies many times did not come due to corruption among the Indian Agents. When suppies did arrive they were usually bad. This country goes over every war it has ever been in. But it fails to talk about the Indian Wars. It refuses to teach about the Native American Halocaust. History should always be taught and taught corrrectly.
"Some time about the middle of the winter a large vat was constructed which connection to the saw mill, with a pipe leading from the boiler into the vat. Into this vat was thrown beef, beef heads, entrails of beeves, some beans, flour, and pork. I think there was put into the vat two barrels of flour each time, which was not oftener than once in twenty-four hours, The mass was then cooked by the stream from the boiler passing through the vat. When that was done, all the Indians were ordered to come with their pails and get it. It was dipped out to the Indians with a long, handled dipper made for the purpose. I cannot say the quantity given to each. It was of about the consistency of very thin gruel. The Indians would pour off the thinner portion and eat that which settled to the bottom.....The Santees and Winnnebagos were fed from this vat; some of the Indians refused to eat it, it made them sick ....they told the agents that it was only fit for hogs, and they were not hogs , they said.....The Indians reported several deaths from starvation; they were constantly begging for something to eat, and I visited the lodges frequently while they were sick., and found them destitute of food.....From what I saw and I know, I am satisfied that the representation of Indians as to some of the Indians dying of starvation were true"( S.C. Hayes) Sadly it was also shown that the meat given to Natives was full of maggots and the dead animals had died of sickness or natural death. The Piegans ate the bark of trees and about 200 of them starved to death. ( Massacres of the Mountains; J.P. Dunn, Jr., LL.B. Archer House, Inc. New York. 1886)
Cheyenne on ration day.

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