Sunday, November 9, 2014

Elder's Meditation of the Day November 9

Elder's Meditation of the Day November 9
"Language is a vehicle for carrying spirit, life, and family. Language, religion, and land base are three things that characterize culture."
--Edmund Ladd, ZUNI PUEBLO
The Elders say we need to know the answers to three questions in order for us to be connected; the Earth, the Sky, the East, the West, the South, and the North. The three questions are: 1. Why are we? 2. Who are we? 3. Where are we going? If we know the language, if we have our spirituality, and if we can pray on sacred spots, then we are able to seek the answer to the questions. We must protect the language, religion, and land so our future generations can stay connected.
Great Spirit, help us maintain our language, spirit, family, religion and our Mother Earth.

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