Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mitakuye Oyasin

There is always something to express gratitude for.
There is someone in your life that can use a prayer. 

Today my dear relatives, I raise my hands up and express gratitude for you.
Today my dear relatives, I bow my head and send a prayer your way.

My dear relatives, this took seconds and it is a gift of love that I send to you and humbly request to please pay it forward.

I issue a prayer request.

Please post a name (first name) or tag a person and as you send forth prayers for them. My dear relatives, I humbly request that other who read the names posted that you bless them with your prayers, I also ask that you include in your prayers the person’s name who posted a person’s name or tagged someone. Send a gift of unconstitutional love out to the universe for a person you may never meet but can use the light of your spirit blessing sent your way. Say this prayer, ‘Good Grandmothers and Good Grandfathers from the Four Sacred Directions, I ask you to bless _____ and _____. May they feel the strength of your love surround them.

My dearest relative, thank you for your love, I wish you beautiful abundance.

All my Relations,
Emily, (ejh)
Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw

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