Sunday, November 23, 2014

Walking the Talk, A Sacred Responsibility

What has led people to determine that a person hasn’t the capacity to begin to achieve a balanced lifestyle when they reach a certain age? How many times have we heard, ‘I am too old to change’ or, ‘at his or her age, they are too old to change.’ Every person experiences life differently and processes their life journey in their own unique way. Some people may move towards healing life issues at a younger age, while others may only become open to working on life challenges later in life. Change and healing is challenging; and for some, change is a frightening venture. For example, for some people healing may mean examination of family history and the processing of traumatic events. Some people may fear that examining unresolved trauma results in complete relationship breakdowns and the fear of facing this may feel traumatic in of itself.

We need to be clear that there is no measuring stick for healing, there is no expiry date for healing, and as much as we may desire a person to begin their healing journey, it is not about another person’s agenda. However, as adults in all our personal relationships, we have a choice of engagement or disengagement. When a person’s processing of his or her healing, impedes your life; establishment of strong personal boundaries are the only basis of any kind of ongoing relationship that you have with them because the reality is that a person healing is on their terms and not another persons.

My dearest relatives for those of you at a certain age; don’t put a ‘best by’ date or expiry date on beginning your healing; it is never too late to honour the brilliant person you were born to be.

All my Relations,
Emily, (ejh)
Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw

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