Saturday, December 27, 2014

All My Relations

As the last few days of the year are here; and, as you begin to consider New Year’s resolutions, I ask you to consider using words of gratitude to shift your life into the direction of your beautiful possibilities. 

In the list that follows, for the first four suggestions, you need never say words of gratitude aloud, if you do not want to. For it is true, when we have healthy, nurturing and supportive feelings; our thoughts are a powerful way of guiding the beautiful expression of our spirit into our everyday lifestyle.

1) Just before drifting off to sleep, let your mind focus on these words, ‘Creator, thank- you for the miracle of my life’.

2) As you awaken in the morning, simply say these words, ‘Creator, thank-you for the safe passage through the night.’

3) As you drink a glass of water or consume food, simply say these words, ‘I am grateful for your life-giving force.’

4) Whenever you encounter a hug or a smile, allow the words, ‘thank-you’ to form in your mind.

5) And finally, when someone pays you a compliment, say ‘thank-you’ aloud, and let the compliment resonate in your mind so that it nourishes your spirit. Let your self realize that someone bestowed a blessing to you in words and your words of gratitude is your blessing back to them.

Words of gratitude are powerful beyond measure and expressing thankfulness is like the uttering of a prayer; and, has the potential to completely alter your life. Fairly soon you will begin to notice your gratitude turns into prayers of love for others, as well as yourself. At first you may have just begin with acknowledging but a few of your blessings, be warned, focusing on thankfulness does increase overtime, to the point where you begin living in gratitude.

And yet, It is a matter of personal choice, either you take a few minutes each day to express gratitude; or not, regardless, your life will be impacted.

May the Good Grandmothers, Good Grandfathers of the Four Sacred Directions and Creator of All Good Things lead you towards acknowledgement of your blessings and aid you in the understanding that you, my dearest ones, are the most incredible blessing of all. For the gift of you in the world, I express my gratitude.


All my Relations,
Emily Jane Henry, (ejh)
Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw

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