Thursday, December 18, 2014

Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior.

In 1999, shortly after indictments were issued for the murder of my mother, Leonard sent me a letter from Leavenworth warning us to be wary of what the feds told us regarding his involvement in my mother’s murder, that he had not interrogated my mother who he considered to be like a sister to him and that he loved her very much. The irony at that time was that I had not talked to any authorities or "feds". Shortly after that I would have contact with John Trudell, Dino Butler, Nilak Butler and Rob Robideau who all confirmed that, yes indeed, it was members of AIM who carried out the execution orders to execute Annie Mae on false accusations that she was a fed. Robideau ( who was there ) also re-confirmed the gun in the mouth interrogation of my mother by Leonard (my mother had told our family of her interrogation when she came to see us last in the fall, a few months before her death)

  When I replied to Peltiers letter I stated that if he seemed so convinced that my mother was murdered by the FBI, he would surely have no problem in helping "his sisters" daughters campaign for her justice and sharing the details and proof that he had to support those claims. His response to my requests for help was that he “would not participate in incarcerating another NDN man" and that he had indeed interrogated my mother but he did not use a gun. Robideau had warned Peltier to leave Annie Maes murder investigation alone and not to get involved. At the same time one of Peltiers minions had contacted me separately and said Leonard would support justice for Annie Mae if we would support him in his clemency campaign for his freedom.

  The problem was, is that I had already had several phone conversation and emails with his co accused cousin Robideau who shared many details with me of how "Leonard was a fool to involve himself in the Annie Mae murder by voicing an opinion and that he should have just let sleeping dogs lie" which ended with Leonard publically deciding to support Graham (the man accused and now convicted of the murder of Annie Mae) when we refused to sign a letter of support for Leonard. Robideau said “Leonard was an idiot and he deserved to be where he was'. During the five years I had corresponded with Robideau he confirmed many suspicions and details I had been told by other witnesses over the years. When I specifically asked him if Leonard shot those agents he paused for a few seconds and blurted out “I can't answer that! I am Leonard’s first cousin" and I responded " you just did" and he nervously laughed and said I didn't understand what was going on then and that it was a was self defense.

  It was during Grahams Trial that Kamook Banks Eccoffey testified that Leonard had bragged to my mother, her sister Bernie and herself about shooting one of the agents point blank while he begged for his life. Leonard Peltier, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, the Bellecourt Brothers, David Hill, Leonard Crow Dog , Bruce Ellison, Madonna Gilbert, Loralie Decora Means, and at least a dozen other witnesses watched as my mother’s was interrogated, kidnapped, beaten , raped, dragged off to her death and then dumped on the side of the road like a bag of garbage. They have all known for 36 years it was not the fbi who murdered Annie Mae and they chose to lie and deceive NDN country to save their own asses.

  Currently Leonard and AIM support Graham who was just convicted in Dec. of 2010 for the kidnapping felony murder of Annie Mae. Heros?? I think not . For 28 years our family sat in silent mourning while these cowards postured and reinvented history, and not once did they bother to contact their so called “friends” family. For those with the courage to learn the real truth and not the lies that I am a fed ( lol.... aim and Peltiers only rebuttal towards me is to call me a fed, the same title I will remind everyone that they gave to my mother before they executed her) please feel free to contact me with your questions and for more details.

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