Thursday, December 25, 2014

Walking the Talk, A Sacred Responsibility


My relatives, my friends; my wish for you is that every encounter you have with others be a source of meaningful teachings that leads you to self-empowerment and inspiration. 

May the opportunities and discoveries that you will find in the coming year become a source of peaceful energy guiding you to profound heights that result in the realization of your dreams.

May you walk in peace and filled with the awareness that you are worthy and lovable. May this knowledge direct and guide your life purpose. As you journey throughout the New Year, may your spirit feel honoured and in your turn may you honour the spirit of others. For it is true, we are all connected as spiritual beings on a physical journey. May awareness of this sacred spiritual connectedness be felt in every encounter you have.

May the people that cross your path do so with awareness that they are teachers and as a result they may provide you with gentle and inspirational teachings and may you have the same affect in their lives. In the upcoming year, may the challenges you encounter be few and the lessons you do learn add value in your life, so that your thoughts, feelings, beliefs or behaviours support and honour your personal growth.

May each of your days in the upcoming year be filled with living life to your highest potential and may you be open to the joyful discoveries that this year has in store for you. May you become fully aware of and embrace the beautiful abundance arriving in your life this coming year, so that all that you intend to manifest into your life become a part of your reality. May each day of the New Year cause you to walk in gratitude.

I humbly request that the Good Grandmothers, Good Grandfathers of the Four Sacred Directions and the Creator of All Good Things richly bless you and your family. I wish you beautiful abundance, love, and joy as you celebrate this holiday season and throughout the upcoming year.

All my Relations,
Emily Jane Henry, (ejh)
Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw

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