Monday, December 1, 2014

Which Native American Tribe Do You Belong In? ----PlayBuzz--

The Sioux
You belong in The Sioux Tribe! The Sioux are known for their distinguished, attractive appearances and their powwows, which consisted of dancing, singing, food and a guaranteed good time. They were quite ahead of the curb when it came to their attire, typically adorning their animal skin clothing articles with bead-art, shells, animal teeth and claws. The Sioux culture and religion mainly centered itself around one creator of all living things and the concept that everything has a spirit. They revolved their year around 7 spiritual ceremonies; The Keeping of the Soul, Rite of Purification, Vision Quests, the Sun Dance, Making Relatives, Preparation of Womanhood, and Throwing of the Ball. If we've determined that you belong in The Sioux Tribe, you must be one stylish person who isn't afraid to set trends. You like to experiment with colors and accessories, and you may even like to step out of your comfort zone and try something new once in a while. But that ideology doesn't just apply to fashion; it also applies to how you see everyday life. Spirituality and your internal self should be celebrated with laughter and friends in a comfortable surrounding, and we're sure you agree with us- which is why you would make a great contribution to The Sioux Tribe.

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