Friday, January 23, 2015

Who'll Be Indicted ?

Very interesting take on these issues ..MPC
The New York Times article on the murder of Annie Mae, an article of the likes not often found in a major national publication, but one whose time has come.

Regrettably comments are now closed, much the same as “ongoing investigations” into the murders AIM committed.

Closed, when the opposite should be true – when every aspect, every approach should be investigated, taken, and emblazoned across the public conciousness.

AIM survived as did individuals in it’s so called leadership like Dennis Banks and Russell Means primarily due to the support of a fawning national media and viewer readership with film clip imagery of cowboys and ndns dancing in their heads.

The onus now more than ever is for the media and this misguided support base to admit the truth and atone for the rez situation they helped to create – an environment where territory has been divided up among the leadership, thugs such as Leonard Peltier are promoted as being representative of the people, alcohol and substance abuse have skyrocketed, ceremonies are routinely rebranded as being Dennis Banks, Crow Dogs, or even AIMs and sold to further enrich this cadre of frauds.

Does atonement sound too harsh, too demanding? Then call it an act of goodwill or conscience if you prefer.

Either way though it is an essential ingredient that will ferret out the vermin and leave the nations with one less burden to bear.

And what form should this atonement/goodwill/act of conscience take? The simplest and least expensive of all,  if you cannot accept the reality and speak the truth then don’t continue promoting the lies.

If your ego is such you cannot admit to having been duped, cannot ask the hard questions or entertain the doubts they create then at least shut the hell up….neither the AIM leadership nor Peltier are the underdogs, the rest of us are.

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