Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Walking the Talk, A Sacred Responsibility,

As we seek balance, there are traditional teachings that help guide our journey. These teachings have been passed from generation to generation; as a way to interact with all of creation, and as we honour these teachings, we honour others and self. Like all our teachings; they vary from nation to nation and are taught in accordance to our ancestral wisdom keepers, our Elders. As we incorporate the teachings in our lives, we walk in balance. One such teaching is the Seven Sacred Teachings; and as we internalize them, they become part of core values. The teachings include: Respect, Love, Humility, Bravery, Wisdom, Honesty and Truth. As we examine each of the teachings separately, we find that just one of the teachings can take a lifetime to learn and internalize however, the beauty of these teachings is that they are interrelated and as we utilize just one within our journey, we will begin to naturally incorporate the others.
The Seven Sacred Teachings include: RESPECT for others, self, the winged ones, the four legged, the planted ones, the rocks, the finned ones, Mother-earth, and all of creation; LOVE for others, and self without condition or expectation. Walking with a peace-filled soul, so that we can nurture our sacred relationship to self and others; HUMILITY is a realization that we are part of an ever-expanding connection to others, that we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical journey, no better nor, worse; and as such the prayer ‘All my Relations’ means that we are all connected in one circle. Realizing that we are a sacred being living amongst other sacred beings, which are also part of creation. That being generous of spirit is more important that any material wealth and service of others is the highest honour; BRAVERY is the ability to self reflective, and that helping others is not about looking down, but reaching across. It is the ability to journey forward without fear of failure; because every lesson life brings sacred medicine meant to enrich our pathway to the future. It’s the ability to shift pathways without fear of judgment, either internally or externally if the path we are on is not honouring our spirit and others; WISDOM is the ability to be continuously curious, a lover of learning and regardless of where we are in our journey, we realize that there is always knowledge to be internalized. It is the ability to know that what we learn; we share and that as we teach, we learn, therefore; learning is a continuous never-ending journey. It is realizing that our knowledge is derived from our life experience therefore; we realize others are experiencing insights as well, and thus, we are equals; HONESTY is the ability to be open-minded, honouring where we are in your journey and yet, we continue to be a seeker of balance, acknowledging that we can always benefit with from more teachings for our journey. Being real by accepting our life circumstances and where we are on our journey, without self- judgment. Maintaining healthy boundaries to honour the sacred relationship to self and others; and, TRUTH is the ability to make decisions based on our intuitive spirit, which guides towards choices that honour others and self. It is having a sacred responsibility to conduct our actions that are in line with living a life that inspires future generations. It is the realization that what we do today does impact the next generation and because of that it is important that our self-worth is based on self-love.
As we internalize these traditional values into our walk, we journey towards our purpose for our creation and that is to honour the gift of our life, as seekers of balance.
All my Relations,
Emily Jane Henry
Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw

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